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Hockey Dasher Board

Product details
Synthetic ice rinkReal ice rink
Environmentindoor or outdoorindoor only
Placeany flat placestrict demands
Budget1/5 of real ice rinkmillions of dollars
Skating feellike on real icegood
Cleaningdaily cleaningfrequent cleaning and add water
Toxic or noteco-friendlytoxic refrigerating fluid
Technicianno needmany technicians
Electricityno need except for some lightslarge quantity of electricity
Wateronly for cleaningthousands of tons
Maintainlow maintain feevery expensive
Building timewithin a weekseveral months
Safe or notsafeeasy get hurt by sharp edges and corners
Service lifeover 10 yearsdepends on refrigerating equipment

Advantages of mobile ice rink

1. Ice skating is feasible in the four seasons all the year around

2. Usage is available indoor and outdoor

3. Fit for fixed and mobile ice rinks because of its easily and conveniently  installation

4. Low cost management: utilities bills are saved for water and electric being not needed

5. Easy maintenance

6. Longer service lifetime of not less than 10 years

7. Green, environmental protection and no pollution8. Completely  recyclable

9. Using  with the common ice skating equipment

Application of mobile ice rink

1. The middle or large amusement park

2. Some training facilities

3. Ice-sports such as speed and figure skate, ice-hockey, curling area

4. Shopping centres

5. Sport shop and parks

6. Ice Events, fairs and theatres, etc.

7. Hotel and children’s slide

8. Entertainment and holiday villages

Advantages of synthetic ice rinks

· Low construction cost: About 1/4 of real ice rink cost, low cost is easy for popularized usage.

· Flexible applications: Not restricted by place, environment or areas, construction area can be adjusted at any time.

· Four-seasons usage: This ice can be used in all the year round, not affected by seasons or temperature.

· Low operation cost: As long as 8 years service life period & few maintenances, saving countless energy cost that occurred in the real ice rink, realizing zero pollution and noise.

· Easy installation: Tongue-in-groove joints connection, creating an easy installation, short construction period & available once laid.

· Affiliated product: Skating shoes and protective equipment are the same as real ice rinks, convenient to purchase.

Inexpensive: Low operating and maintenance costs

Usable 365 days a year: The system can be used in any place and in any weather condition.

Easy skating: skating experience similar to that on natural ice

Unaffected by the weather or place: year-round skating indoor and outdoor with every weather

Extensive use: use for leisure and professional activities

Long life services: The lifespan is significantly longer than that of the traditional plastic ice-rinks

Complete ice railing: White Dasher Facing, Yellow Kickplate, Blue Caprail, Steel frame(Aluminum frame), Screws.