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  • Light Duty Groundn Mats
  • Light Duty Groundn Mats
  • Light Duty Groundn Mats

Light Duty Ground Mats

Product details

Quick Mat/Event Mat/Grass Mat

Abosn aims at offering you the most effective ground protection system. Abosn ground mats is durable, light weight, and extremely strong.

Our light duty  ground protection mats are perfect for allowing access and gaining traction to construction sites for rubber tracked and tyred vehicles from cars,  vans,  JCB, cranes, HGVS up to 80 tons static load. Also they are ideal for ground protection and pedestrian foot paths over soft or sensitive ground, sand, mud, turf, marshy areas at any event.

A superior alternative to plywood and steel, Abosn light duty ground mats will not warp, rot, crack, delaminate or absorb harmful chemicals. Made of special HDPE.


2000*1000mm, 3000*1500mm, 2440*1220mm

2440*610mm, 2900*1100mm, 3000*2000mm


Thickness can be 12.7mm, 15mm, 18mm,19mm,20mm,25mm

Other customer size is also available

The max loading weight is 80 tons

Material: hdpe composite material.


* Protects valuable turf during landscaping projects.

* Superior alternative to plywood and fiberglass - will not warp, rot, crack or delaminate.

* Save times&labor getting vehicles and equipment traversed over difficult terrain.

* Avoid potential injuries to workers incurred while dislodging vehicles & equipment from excessive wear and damage due to operating on unstable ground conditions.

* Easily handled and laid by two men-no need for expensive crane wagons.

* Lay as two parallel tracks or a single roadway or others.

* Link together with metal connections.

* Easily cleaned due to less aggressive lug pattern.

* Extremely durable to withstand vehicle weights up to 80tons in static.

* Tested in extremes of hot and cold climates.

* Can be used hundreds of times.


· Protect your turf and provide access nearly anywhere

· Temporary flooring

· Stadium ground covering

· Contractors

· Outdoor events/shows/festivals

· Building site access works

· Construction, civil engineering and ground work industries

· Emergency access routes

· Golf course and sports field maintenanc

· National parks

· Landscaping

· Utilities and infrastructure maintenance

· Boat regattas

· Cemeteries

· Temporary roadways and carparks

· Military sites

· Caravan parks

· Heritage sites and eco friendly areas